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Makers of Embossing Rolls/Rollers & Printing Rollers for plastic,paper,glass and artificial leather embossing rolls pvc embossing, pu embossing rolls
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Want a quotation, sample or more information on our plastic printing rollers, embossing rolls, surface cooling roller, heater roll, calender-grinding and mirror roll, hard Cr. Roll, Leading roll, cooling roll, machine lead roll?
Please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to revert to you at the earliest.
If you are in India, you can contact our local representative. For all other countries, please contact our Corporate/Sales office in Taiwan.

Corporate Office & Plant

Jin Hwa Machinery Co. Ltd.

6-84, Jiamn Gwo Road
Chu Nan, Miao Li Shien
Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone:  +886-37-479221~3 
    Fax:  +886-37-473336
E-mail:   info@jinhwa.com.tw
Contact Persons:    C.H.Ting (Mr.)               K. Cheng (Mr.)

India Representative
Street Address:
Alok Enterprises

212, Shivam House
Karampura Commercial Complex New Delhi
Pin: 110015



Contact Person: Azad Kumar (Mr.)

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